Don’t forget the suntan lotion!

Went out for a nice long ride this morning. Was just going for a 20 mile ride, but I wasn’t in mood to stop. So I keep going and finished a 73 mile ride. Everything was going great until I started to burn. I guess putting on suntan lotion before each ride needs to be on the check list. Sometimes you just have to learn the hard way. I pretty much did a really big loop and traveled through 4 cities. I stopped at the Virginia Beach ocean front for lunch.




Oh Deer

Took the bike out for a 14 mile ride then switched over to a short run. I wanted to get a feel on transitioning from bike to run. I couldn’t believe how different it felt. My legs were like jello and I didn’t have any energy left for the run. I did a little over a mile but ended up walking most of the time. I’m glad I tried this, now I know I have to work on getting my body used to switching between sports. Also during the bike ride I came across a few deer in the road pictured below.

The bike

I finally broke down and ordered a road bicycle. This was not an easy choice and took me almost 2 months of looking around before I went for it. These things are not cheap at all! There are way too many options and styles then you could ever believe. It’s not like going to the department store and picking a bike off the rack. You have to test drive them and get fitted. With me being 6’2″ it limited my choices a bit. I went with the Trek Emonda S 5 2016 model in white. Trek is in the middle of their 2016 model closeout sale and there were only two of these bikes left in the country my size. The sale discounts the bike $400.00, that may sound good in savings but doesn’t change the fact it’s still expensive. The bike should be here this week and I’m very excited to get training.


Here is a photo of the bike.


It’s a full carbon fiber frame and weighs 8.6kg. If you are interested in the full specs of the bike please follow this link.