Virginia Capital Trail

On Wednesday I had the day off and decided to give the capital trail a try. It took about an hour drive to get there, but it was worth it. I heard about the trail on Facebook and thought it seemed like a good spot to ride on. And I was right! This has to be the best paved path for cyclist in Virginia. It starts in Jamestown and goes all the way to Richmond. Total of 52 miles. Here is the link to the official website I rode up to mile marker 30 and back. I wish I planned to go out a little earlier so I would of had time to ride the whole 52 miles.


Waiting for the Watch

Today the kiddies had off school so I got to stay home with them. As luck would have it my Apple watch was scheduled to arrive this afternoon. I thought this was a win for everyone. So after some yard work and cleaning up around the house I got in a quick run before lunch. I strapped the GoPro on my head to see how that would turn out. It didn’t turn out good at all. Turns out my head bounces around too much. The rest of the day was planned to play with the watch. However, it appears UPS mixed up the box this morning and it never made it on the truck. So I’ll have to wait another day to play with it. I hope it works as advertised for tracking running, swimming, and cycling. We’ll have to wait and see what tomorrow brings.