Be one with the bike

I picked up some clips and shoes today.  I didn’t think having cycling shoes would make a big difference. I’ve been riding with tennis shoes the past three days without any problems. Well, I would slip off the pedal every now and then. And my heel would rub the frame here and there. When I was at the bike store picking up a water bottle I notice their shoes and clips were on sale. So I had to at least check it out. Ended up getting a set at what I felt was a good price. Took about 30 minutes to install them and fine tune the adjustments. Now for the test ride. “Clip, clip” oh yeah. What a huge difference they make. Before it was me riding a bike, now “clip, clip” man and machine become one. 


Don’t forget the suntan lotion!

Went out for a nice long ride this morning. Was just going for a 20 mile ride, but I wasn’t in mood to stop. So I keep going and finished a 73 mile ride. Everything was going great until I started to burn. I guess putting on suntan lotion before each ride needs to be on the check list. Sometimes you just have to learn the hard way. I pretty much did a really big loop and traveled through 4 cities. I stopped at the Virginia Beach ocean front for lunch.



Oh Deer

Took the bike out for a 14 mile ride then switched over to a short run. I wanted to get a feel on transitioning from bike to run. I couldn’t believe how different it felt. My legs were like jello and I didn’t have any energy left for the run. I did a little over a mile but ended up walking most of the time. I’m glad I tried this, now I know I have to work on getting my body used to switching between sports. Also during the bike ride I came across a few deer in the road pictured below.

Foot gloves

After watching the slow motion videos yesterday I decided to bring out the foot gloves to help reduce my heel strike. 

These help you work on your running form. It worked because a ran a fast 3 miles this evening.