Lecture Capture, what to do with all those videos

We have all spent time getting lecture capture ability in our classrooms. Now that we are recording the lectures what do we do with all the videos? Storage retention plans and the famous old question “Is it worth all the trouble”? I don’t have the answer to these questions. Instead I have deeper questions on the topic. I would like to talk about the path I plan to take with lecture capture and not just stop at providing the technology to the classroom.


Storage Retention Plan

I believe this comes down to the factor that makes most of the decisions, MONEY! How much do you want to spend to keep everything forever? Our current plan at ODU is two years and scrub the files. In two years when our first videos are on deck to be scrubbed I’m pretty sure the plan will change to three years, then four years…. So no need to answer this question today.


Is it worth all the trouble?

Rarely is anything these days’ worth all the trouble. I’m not sure if lecture capture is either, at least not yet. At the end of this semester I plan to work with some colleges to see if students that used lecture capture performed better overall than students that didn’t use lecture capture. The current video management solution we have provides us some reports that allow us to see how much a student has watched the lecture videos. We can tell which videos they watch and how much of the video. The plan is to run these reports against the student courses outcome. So in short did the students who watched the lecture video perform better than the ones who did not? I can’t tell you that a student who performed well in class and watched the lecture videos means that they wouldn’t have performed well if the video’s weren’t available. Instead I hope to show on average students who watched the lecture videos performed better than the ones who did not. If the study shows the opposite then I have some explaining to do.

The next thing I would like to do is reach out to our peer tutoring program and identify course that students seek tutoring for. What I plan to do if ask those professor to allow me to record their lectures and offer the videos to the peer tutoring program. So those students how ask for tutoring assistance will also have access to those lecture videos.  Hopefully over time we could build a library of lecture videos available to the peer tutoring program over a wide range of topics.


So the question is, Is anyone else address these questions? Are you working with faculty and tutoring programs to make lecture videos available to a wider range of student then just the ones registered for that course the lecture video was made for?

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